What is a Makegood?

A Makegood is a requirement to return your office back to the original ‘empty’ state in which it was provided to you.

Why do you need a makegood on your office?

A Makegood is required within the terms of a commercial lease on almost all commercial properties once a lease has expired and you are thinking of relocating to another office.

When do you need a makegood and how long does it take?

The best time to arrange for a makegood is as soon as you consider your move from your current office. Depending on the size of your tenancy a typical makegood may take 1 week for a 150m2 tenancy and up to 3 weeks for a 1000m2 tenancy.

What are the costs?

Depending on the scope of works requested by your landlord, a makegood for a 150m2 office could cost up to $25,000 depending on the requirements of the lease. Makegoods provides competitive rates for all requirements of a makegood as we are able to achieve economies of scale by specialising only in makegoods of offices.