Reports are necessary to accompany lease documents or to  reiterate the right and obligations of each party on completion of a lease.

Types Of Reports


1) Condition Report / Dilapidation Report

A condition report or dilapidation report as it is know in the industry is quite simply a record of the condition of a property prior to occupation. It can be carried out by either lessor or lessee and should be attached to the lease document. It serves as photographic evidence of the condition of the property prior to a fit-out taking place.

A condition report highlights key finishes and aspects of the space and clearly documents the condition using descriptive words. It emphasises any defective or out of the ordinary installations and provides recommendations. Photos are attached to the report which show clearly the orientation of the office in relation to the photograph.

Makegoods are experienced and carrying out these reports for organisations and landlords.

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2) Makegood Schedule

Makegood Schedule reports are usually used by a lessor to encapsulate the requirements of a lessee in relation to the completion of a lease. Makegoods are often overlooked by lessees so these reports are useful for both parties. They contain reference to the lease document for Makegood and completion of the lease, detailed photographs showing clearly the orientation of the office in relation to the photograph and a detailed scope of works and costing to complete the work.

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3) Defect Report

A Defect report can be used to generate the scope and cost required to repair a property to an acceptable  and/or safe state. These reports can be used by builders, owners, strata managers and tenants. They can be carried out before, during a project or after a project or after a significant event such as a storm to report to insurance companies, builders and landlords.

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